Myline Offering Low Cost Calling Cards To India

What makes MyLine the premier India to US calling service provider is their attention to the changing needsof the customers. Every yearsthousands of Indian, American and Canadianstravelbetween America and India for leisure, business, holiday, and even asylum. This cluster that averages about 4 million people create a critical pool of clients how need regular call service back and forth between the US and India. MyLine has been the go-to calling service service provider especially to the nearly 400, 00 Indian community in California.

MyLine provides the option of buying the line in the market and setting up an account online without having to visit an outlet.They also make it possible to monitor your critical billing, biodata and call logs on the account within a few clicks. You can also recharge manually which enables you control your costs. Account opening is free and you can close it anytime without any penalties or surcharges to it. This gives you incredible power over how you operate your line.

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MyLine’s calls are affordable and have no hidden charges. They also don’t charge any subscription fees, maintenance fees or termination fees for your account. The line can be bought cheaply in the market and the manual billing cards can also be accessed easily in the open market. You can also be able to access the free SMS offer that the service provider gives which comes in handy when you run out of credit.

MyLine invests in providing the most cutting edge technology at a fraction of the costs. You can use the line to call, as well as for skype function and the Magicjack at incredibly low costs. The advanced app also has lots of helpful features with ease of use and navigation for the clients. The line works with any phone whether mobile or landline and provides great voice call quality using the TelCan’s system which automatically sources for the highest VoIP quality at all times.

MyLine relies on knowledge bases, FAQs, and a standby team of customer service providers to ensure minimal interruption on the call services for the clients. The team easily anticipates any recurring changes and customizes the client calling experience to reflect the emerging needs and preferences. You can access them with all your queries, complaints, compliments or clarifications via Webchat, emails, texts or calls at any time of day or night throughout the year.

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