Purchase water filter and softener combo for your entire house

Around the year, most of the people get sick due to water born diseases, thus as per doctors it is advised to drink and take bath with duly treated water. Furthermore, it is very essential for pregnant mothers and young children to have access to unadulterated drinking water as it is very easy for them to get infected with bacterial and viral diseases. There are many web portals from where you can easily shop online different types of water purifiers along with softening combo.

Why should you buy this product?

Great water purifying technique

These filters have a capacity to refine up to million gallons of water. Thus you don’t have to worry about quick replacements. One can connect these filters through every tap of the house thus you don’t have to install different filters in different kitchen faucets and in bathroom, which is a cost effective. Inside tanks you will get carbon granules which soak every dirt particles and give you crystal clear water which is safe for daily use. Through these carbon granules you also provide protection to your loved ones from chloramines, pesticide, herbicides, SOC, VOC, Industrial solvents and THM.

Impressive design

Due to sophisticated design of this filter, you can install it without hiring any professional plumber and it works without electricity. This helps you to save great deal of money on electricity bills. Inside the product there is in-built bypass and it doesn’t advocate backwashing or wastage of water.

Water without sodium

It is very dangerous to consume water which is rich in Calcium and Sodium since they lead to kidney stone and high blood pressure. Moreover, washing clothes with this water make the fabric coarse and it loses its softness. You shouldn’t even take a bath with hard water as it can even cause damage to your skin and hair. This product offers water-softener which protect you and your loved ones from such inconveniences

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