Redefining compliance: The ultimate productivity monitoring tools

Work from home set up calls for a well demanding dedication to one’s office work due to the absence of monitoring networks and tools. Another scenario is the lack of proper awareness regarding the various tools that the managers can use to monitor their effectiveness. Monitoring tools come with a dual purpose, first to protect the business from the lazy elements and other is to improve the efficiency of the employees. This is very important as far as any organization is concerned due to the efforts needed to maintain the same consistency with which the employees had been working before the pandemic. It is one of the effective ways to improve the morale and motivation of the employees so that additional concern is being felt the same way as the manager.

Getting started with the Employee monitoring software

Many monitoring tools can be used effectively for the productivity of the workers. They can be listed as follows:

1. Kickidler

    • The unique feature of this tool is the ability to capture the time of start and the final time of log out which will increase the concern among the employees as well.
    • The time that is spent on watching unnecessary websites will be noted separately.
    • Visual charts can be prepared which helps to compare the working levels of employees

2. ChickUp

  • Well efficient time tracker
  • Accurate reminders are present
  • Multiple dashboards are available

3. Google Calendar

  • Free and open to all
  • Can be linked to Gmail accounts
  • Sends accurate reminders for important events

 4. Toggl

  • The best tool to track idle time
  • Track and monitor reminders
  • Timelines can be edited by the user

5. Trello

  • Unique dashboards
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offline mode available

6. Ganttic

  • Over bookings can be avoided using this
  • The user can see what type of information is being shared with others
  • Can be integrated into Google calendar

7. Asana

  • Easy to use
  • Proper attention to all
  • Ensure direct control

8. Work Examiner

  • Can monitor many devices
  • Screen recording available
  • Instant notifications

These are some of the most commonly used productivity monitoring tools to monitor remote work productivity. The tools are designed such that they can keep them on track and ensure work efficiency. Simply monitoring the productivity might not help well if the employees are not being monitored on the projects they have been assigned. These tools serve a dual formula wherein the overall productivity, as well as their efficiency on the projects, can be seen. The solutions provide great relief to the manager since it is very important for them to be acquainted with this information to ensure the complete working of the organization. So, work-from-home will not create additional problems to the efficiency of workers if a proper management framework is being actively being chalked out.

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