Tanning Salon Success with a Business Spell

As the owner of a tanning salon I was always looking for different ways to market my business locally to attract new customers. January marked the beginning of what we would consider “busy season” in our industry. Then summer approaches and less people tan regularly because they get sun from being outside.

It has become harder and harder to sustain financially and stay afloat during the summer months. Advertising in direct mailers, running specials through an email list, offering discounted rates and memberships were among the efforts we put fourth. With low response rates barely making it worth the effort, a new method of marketing needed to be sought out.

I have found that answers to big questions come to me when I meditate. I joined a local meditation group and have met some great people along the way. One of them owns a successful bar and we were talking about different things I can do to keep my tanning salon going strong during the off season.

After discussing a dozen different ideas I still felt unsatisfied at not having a solid plan that I knew would work. The bar owner then told me a story about working with a wiccan high priestess when he opened up his business. She came and blessed it and then down the road cast a spell to increase his business when it started to become consistently slow. Within a few weeks groups of people started frequenting his bar regularly and it brought in consistent business. Without that happening, he would have had to close the doors.

This is someone who I have always felt was an honest person so I took him at his word. I was willing to try going to this witch friend of his and see if she could help. It had been years since he had been in contact with her so it took a while for me to track this woman down but I was able to find her.

Her name is Marcy and she is affiliated with witchcraftmagicspells.org. She has a coven that she works with now and a successful business herself casting spells to help people in need. It is a concept that I was not used to and a little out of the box but I gave it one chance. I had her cast a customized business spell to bring in more regular customers. Over the summer our sales numbers stayed at about the same pace as the winter months which is unheard of. The popularity of our tanning salon was growing at a rate that we did not experience in the 10 previous years of being open.

I felt like I could breath for the first time in a long time. Taking a vacation over the summer was actually a possibility again. It saved everything that I have worked my whole life for. Its been about one year since we had the business spell cast and business is better than it ever has been. Spell work is real and I am a believer!

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