Team Talk – How To Effectively Communicate With Your Remote Team

Communication is key when you are running a successful business. You must be able to communicate effectively with clients and the public to build your brand, while also being able to keep lines of communication open within your company itself. The problem is compounded in contemporary times given the more fragmented and dispersed nature of international business. 

If you or some of your team are working in the Hong Kong area, there are many straightforward ways to improve your internal communications. From advice like choosing one of several virtual offices in Hong Kong, to upgrading your telecommunications infrastructure, there are plenty of options for those who want to keep in touch. Here, is a list of some specific tips to aid those who need a communications update.

Let’s look at some specific ways to communicate more effectively with your remote team.

Leverage Digital Communications Technology

The digital revolution has made remote teamwork possible, so leverage the technology that has started this trend in the first place. Experiment with a variety of apps and platforms for communication, Skype, for example, is a good place to start to find what works for you and your staff. You will likely use a combination of tools for different communication tasks. Instant messaging is ideal for quick updates or notes but save important conversations for meetings where you and your team can see each other – even if only through a screen.

Virtual Offices Provide A Boost

Premium providers of virtual offices offer generous amenities that can assist you with keeping in touch with clients and remote teams. These include things like a local phone number and a dedicated receptionist to field calls when you are unavailable, which might be the case if there is a large time-zone difference between your teams. High-speed and secure wifi should be an expectation in any virtual office contract.

Finally, make sure to sign with a provider of virtual offices who always offers reliable and accessible IT support to keep your lines of communication open. This will prevent any technical problems from interfering with the smooth operation of your business.

Establish Guidelines From The Start

It is essential that you are proactive in setting the expectations and guidelines for communication for your remote employees. The trick to communicating effectively with remote employees is to keep informed about their day-to-day activities and what each member of your team is currently working on. This will allow you to prioritise and delegate tasks appropriately depending on the speed and abilities of each employee. At the same time, avoid bombarding your team with unnecessary communications that can overwhelm them. This may come across as micromanaging – even if you are not physically in the room with them.

Be Clear And Efficient

Make communication a priority and do not expect your remote team to always take the initiative. It is up to you to establish the culture of communication that you expect to have within your business. Try to make some communications of a more general and open-ended nature rather than coming across as demanding all of the time. This can set a more approachable tone and open your remote teams up to sharing more about their progress and any difficulties they might be encountering.

Communication Is Key

Using these tools and techniques will go a long way towards setting the tone and style of communications within your business. Do not neglect this aspect of your operations, especially if you have several remote teams functioning in disparate places, as this can severely affect the productivity and growth of your company. Be clear and efficient in your communications and you can expect smooth sailing towards success.

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