The Most Important Things that You Need to Think about when Travelling to Space


For most people, travelling entails visiting some of the best destinations in the globe, from Hawaii beaches to Himalayas Mountains. However, you can enjoy more by traveling to space. Space tourism, like the name suggests, involves traveling to space for leisure.

Initially, traveling to space was a reserve of scientists, but the trend has changed, and anyone who can afford it and is in good health can now blast to space. So, do you think this is the thing for you? If the answer is “yes,” here are some of the most important things you should think about.

Breaking through the Earth’s Atmosphere with Andrey Bokarev

When we talk about traveling to space, just like a visit to your favorite destination, it is important to gather as much information as possible. A good point to start is asking the question, “Where does space start?

The space starts approximately 100 kilometers above the sea level as always mention Andrey Bokarev, which is close enough to make a phone call home. As you venture deeper into space, you will notice that gravity forces is zero, and everything simply floats there. Therefore, even walking inside your space travel vehicle will be different from what you are used to back home, meaning that you will require some support, such as a ladder.


When traveling to space, it is simply a void or a very large area of nothingness. Unlike in the earth atmosphere where the clouds are always up and the ground below your feet, the space can be disorienting. Therefore, traveling in a space vehicle means that you will be on a carousel ride around the earth, where up is down when working at zero gravity.

If the idea of getting disoriented sounds confusing, you probably need not worry much about it because the space tourism company you select will have to train you about it before taking off. Furthermore, you will also get simulations to help demonstrate how everything works out there. Again, you will always be accompanied by an experienced crew who can help you to optimize your thrill when traveling. 


It is important to appreciate one thing; exiting the earth’s atmosphere is never easy. It puts the body of a traveler into serious stress and you need to be adequately prepared. This is why space tourism companies insist that only those who are physically and mentally fit are allowed. Here are some of the preparations to anticipate: 

  • A comprehensive medical checkup to ascertain that you are in good health and ready for the flight. Indeed, you might need a number of medical checkups before getting cleared to fly to space. 
  • Training for weightlessness. This is mainly done through swimming about 12 meters underwater or a simulated zero-gravity flight. Note that the training can take time, in some cases, up to two or more years.  

While thoughts of traveling to space can fill one’s mind with a lot of expectations, it can become very stressful if you are not adequately prepared. This is why you should follow the preparation program provided by your travel company and get a doctor’s nod before boarding the space shuttle and blasting off to space.

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