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When you’re new to web design, or have simply found yourself in a bit of a creative rut, it’s a great idea to check out a well-made design tutorial to get inspired. These top 5 design tutorials will work for everyone from beginners to advanced users to help guide and inspire new designs and website elements or interfaces.

Flip through these guides and watch the accompanying media when you need help with your design projects or want to learn new design tips and methods that can inspire you to do your best work.

1. The Ultimate Web Design Course by Webflow

This design tutorial will not only inspire you to create your own website, it will walk you through each step of the process. This includes making layouts, placing graphics and video and making sliders and navigation buttons.

Webflow compiled over 100 video lessons in this master course tutorial to walk you through each step in the process of designing a website.

Each video in this comprehensive tutorial runs about three minutes and covers a unique section regarding the design and creation of any new website. You can sharpen your HTML and CSS skills in the first chapter of this guide before moving on to building the structure of your site and adding elements to your front page.

Throughout this video series, you will also learn how to design responsive themes and templates for your sites. You can also learn to incorporate animations into your projects to give them a creative and impressive final touch.

2. How to Make a Website by WPBeginner

WPBeginner is a trusted source for many WordPress users and, as its name implies, it’s beginner-friendly. The site can be used by anyone to improve design skills or learn new methods for building and editing WordPress layouts.

This tutorial-based site shows how to make a website in WordPress covering everything from choosing web hosting to installing the content management system. The blog will even show you how to change templates to alter the appearance of your front page.

With a WordPress hosting account and the free WordPress CMS download, you can easily go from never having created a website to designing and sharing a professional layout that reflects your own creative style.

WPBeginner is inspirational for new WordPress users and those who have previously had trouble switching themes, installing plugins or getting WordPress to work with their web hosting plan.

3. Designing a Landing Page with 3D Elements by TutPad

Landing pages stand out as they call attention to a specific action and direct users to the part of your site or content that’s most important to you. That’s what makes this tutorial by TutPad so invaluable. You can follow this simple video guide to design and build your own professional landing page with 3D elements and graphics.

The 40-minute video tutorial will walk you through each step of creating your own 3D graphics for landing pages. The steps are easily customizable so you can create or inject your own ideas and make a custom design you won’t see on any other site.

This is a great way to spruce up any website and drive more of your traffic toward sales conversion or whichever action you hope your audience to take.

4. The Power of Color by GCFGlobal

Like all the tutorials in this list, the Power of Color is an excellent and free guide to help inspire your own designs and teach you new methods for modern graphics and websites. This guide to using color in your designs can inspire you to try color combinations, palettes and patterns that you might not have considered with past projects.

The Power of Color was created by GCFGlobal, which is a digital offshoot of the charitable Goodwill foundation. You will learn how to use color to invoke emotional responses, set the mood for your website and designs and unify your themes and templates.

This guide goes well beyond the basic complimentary color schemes discussed in many design tutorials. It teaches users about split-complimentary, triadic, and tetradic color schemes that can take your design work to the next level.

5. How to Create a Drupal Theme from Scratch by TemplateToaster

Many designers begin their careers by using templates, themes and other pre-made design tools. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that approach, and it can surely save you time while helping you understand design as you go along.

However, there comes a time in many designers’ work when the urge to create a project from scratch emerges. The perfect way to get started making your own web designs from scratch is to use the powerful and highly customizable Drupal Content Management System.

This guide from TemplateToaster will walk you through the entire process of designing a Drupal theme from scratch. The project laid out in this tutorial is not only useful in terms of building an amazing Drupal website from scratch, but is one of the most rewarding and inspiring undertakings you can take on as a new or intermediate designer.

The tutorial will show you everything you need to know from adding CSS to your designs to building headers and menus. You will even learn to upload your finished designs to share with, or even sell to, other Drupal users.

Learn and Grow into Your Design Skills

These tutorials on web and graphic design will inspire and teach you in surprising ways. You’ll learn when and where images and graphics should be placed, how to balance colors and typography on your website.

Don’t forget about adding 3D elements and other impressive design features to any project.

Whether you’re a beginner, design expert or prefer text or video tutorials, there’s definitely something in this list of helpful and inspiring tutorials that will help you reach the next level in your design career.

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