A brand should never underestimate the destructive power of an unsatisfied customer. No matter how big, famous or wealthy it is, we repeat, should not even try! If our threat is not enough to beware the brands and inform them about the importance of maintaining a healthy brand-customer relationship, we would like to state some of the very important points regarding the importance of customer feedback and why should it be an alarming situation if any of the brand does not lie in the ‘happy customer zone’ yet.

  • Give and take: The relationship of a seller and consumer is of give and take. The organizations which are now earning billions were once struggling to meet the budget and get the target achieved. This accomplishment could not have been won without the satisfaction of their customers. A customer who leaves the store satisfied and contented, returns again, every time while shopping. But uninterested and careless brands lose such customers. They lose one loyal buyer not only for once, but for a lifetime. This might not look like a big, concerning loss but when the numbers of such customers start increasing, they can become lethal to the brand.
  • Panning: Human race is designated gossip mongers. They like to talk good, but they love to talk bad about anything and everything. So if a brand has unfortunately managed to unfold a customer’s bad side by not listening to his/her concerns, reviews and feedback and making him/her unwanted, that single customer can make thousands of customers to go back and never come back to the ‘notorious’ brand. Recently, latest and improved version of showing criticism to any company/brand is through social media which includes a long, angry paragraph full of offended remarks along with a couple of pictures to support the point. The last action that destroys the brand completely is posting such a review on all social media networks, not to mention, on all pages with huge following too.

So, the moral for the brands is to never neglect a customer’s review. Brand should listen to the feedback and try to give what is demanded, because that’s what brands are paid for.

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