The Smartest Opportunities in Debt Recovery

A delay in payment of 14 days should be a sufficient signal to start recovery activities. If the receivable has not come down after sending the request for payment and telephone prompts, and the debtor’s assurances regarding the repayment prove to be only a deliberate game on time, it is worth starting cooperation with a professional company dealing with recovery of debts. There are several models of such cooperation. Find out 4 reasons why you should choose fiduciary debt collection.

A Change of creditor

The specificity of the recovery of receivables, carried out on the basis of a Fiduciary Debt Recovery Agreement, is that our client assigns the rights to claims to the companies for the duration of the service. The contract leaves the customer under control, enabling him, among others withdrawing a given claim from debt collection, and at the same time allows the companies to take debt collection actions quickly and flexibly. In practice, this means that from the moment the contract is signed, the companies becomes a creditor and our client ceases to participate in the dispute over the amount due. The entry into the creditor role is a big change for the debtor. Our experience shows that the mere fact of changing the creditor effectively mobilizes him to repay the liability faster.

Psychological pressure

From now on, the debt recovery  specialist cannot count on reduced treatment, postponing the debt repayment indefinitely or deceiving the creditor by promises of new orders. The debtor is aware that recovery is the core business of a debt collection company. Unlike the original creditor, a professional debt collector will have the time, knowledge, skills and resources to consistently enforce late payments. Among other things, thanks to this, in 80% of cases, we manage to achieve amicable debt repayment.

Faster order for payment

If the debtor does not settle the claim at the stage of amicable proceedings and there is a need to conduct the case through court proceedings, the exchange of local jurisdiction for the court competent for the seat of the companies, i.e. the District Court in Katowice or Bytom, becomes a very important advantage of fiduciary recovery. This change occurs along with the transfer of claims to the companies. Our practice shows that in the courts competent for the registered office of our company, a payment order can be obtained much faster than, e.g., in Warsaw courts. Our record is to get a payment order within 10 days. For our client, this means recovering the money due to him much faster.

Limitation of papermaking

If a large number of cases are submitted for recovery, e.g. for 100 debtors, the need to sign a paper assignment of each claim can be a serious challenge for our client. Technology and the option of electronic authorization of documents come with help in this case. For a year, our clients have been signing assignment of claims online via the platform. It is extremely simple and allows you to speed up the circulation of documents by a minimum of 2 days, because we avoid having to send by courier or mail paper documents for signature. In many cases, it is also important to be able to place an electronic signature from anywhere in the world the only condition is access to the internet.

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