The Top Five Aspects Which Set Great Product Labels Apart from the Rest

One of your first responsibilities if you have a business trying to sell particular products is coming up with the proper product labelling and packaging. Your product packaging, for one, is relatively easy to determine – you could opt for a bottle if you are selling a beverage, you could opt for a jar if you are selling a condiment, or you could opt for a box, packet, or bag if you are selling other food products. But your product’s labelling is a trickier matter since there’s more to it than just the fonts and colours and size. There are great labels, and there are mediocre labels, so what kind of label do you want your product to have? If you are designing your product’s label, here are the top five aspects which set great product labels apart from the rest.

  1. Excellent images

Whatever particular attributes your product has, you should highlight and showcase them on your label. The attributes of your products should be obvious – as soon as your customers look at the label, they should know what your product is and what makes it special. It is therefore essential to use excellent images and pictures – images which are a good representation of your products. Often, it is even better to use a clear and beautiful image rather than a large volume of text. As they say, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’; something which is all too true in product labelling.

  1. Bold, vibrant colours

You can also highlight your brand’s uniqueness by using bold and vibrant colours which can allow your product to get noticed amongst others on the shelves. But bear in mind that bright colours don’t always equate to bold colours – for instance, bright neon yellow or orange can often be difficult to read. A bold colour will instead stand out against most backgrounds and will bring the eyes of the consumer straight to your product.

  1. Clear benefits

If your product has some unique benefits, you should clearly state them on your label as well. You should be clear and to the point when talking about your product’s benefits, however, as you don’t want your consumers to read too much text. But you can communicate your product’s benefits with the use of high-quality graphics, images, and short but sweet text.

  1. The right fonts

Most of the great labels out there have some great fonts as well, as experts in labelling machinery like Atwell Labellers attest. Your font, for instance, should be an excellent match for your product. If you are selling soap or lotion, the right fonts might be feminine, softer fonts as opposed to masculine, harder fonts. If you are selling an artisanal beverage, you could go for more rustic, vintage fonts. But of course, you also want fonts which are not difficult to read, and which can be read even from a distance.

  1. Contact details

Proper labelling will always include your contact details such as your telephone number, your website name, or your social media account information. Consumers like knowing that they can contact a company if they have any questions about the company’s products, and if your contact details are included, it also establishes trust.

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