Three Tricks For SEO Service and Companies

Almost every industry today has great competition. Large businesses pay expensive SEO analyzes and small business owners desperate to never get to the top of Google search.

There are, however, a few tricks to get higher in search engines, sometimes above big giants. We’ll give you three.

  • See what SEOs do the best and do it differently. 

SEO experts advise against publishing high-quality content (articles, manuals, e-books) and promote it.

This is what most people do because of SEO, so you can’t go that far.

One text (article, manual, guide,) that would be of quality, long (min. 1,200 words) and suitable for your business. Only something that should help solve a problem makes something more comfortable.

This text should always end with a call to share/comment.

  • Promote super quality content strategically

the super quality text should address/engage not only your target audience but especially the owners of influential sites in your business sector to recommend, share, etc. via URL link. Therefore, before writing text, it is essential to find out what content owners have in your business sector, what are their primary topics and customize your article/manual/ to one of these topics.

This means doing a thorough survey of where your target audience is and aim there.

  • Take advantage of web optimization tools online SEO tools for free

are several SEO applications, or SEO tools, that are online and free. With these tools, you can find out how your website is doing in terms of so-called On-page SEO and also the Price of SEO service(More info which is the term in thai). This means how they are optimized for search engines in terms of setting the right keywords for your business, headlines, SEO descriptions. All these parameters are explained in the article. What a quality web page must be.

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