Top Lotteries to Play in Australia

In the last few years, since the explosion of online lottery, Australia has become a force to be reckoned with in this industry. Why? Some of the hottest games that can be found in the lottery market are from Australia and there are a number of options that people will find at their disposal when they decide to participate in the lottery in this country. The Oz Lotto comes with its share of massive jackpots and there is the Monday Lotto that starts the lottery week. Some people are also tempted to participate in the Australian Powerball.

How do you choose? The choice of what lottery game to play depends on the player and their expectations from the game. However, one thing to note is that the only way you can decide is by knowing all the options at your disposal. Some of the top lotteries that an enthusiast should play in Australia are:

  • Australian Powerball

The Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in the country and this is not very surprising because it has an appealing lottery format. It follows the same structure as that of the US Powerball and the Australian version has the highest starting jackpot as compared to other lotteries in the country. The draws of this particular game are conducted every Thursday and their big jackpot makes them the stars. Since there is no cap to the jackpot, it adds another element of appeal.

  • Oz Lotto

This is also a notable option in the Australian lottery games because it has the record of paying the highest jackpot. It is also regarded as a big name because the Oz Lotto was the first ever national lottery introduced in Australia and it became a sensation overnight. While you can find correspondents of other Aussie lotteries in numerous countries, the Oz Lotto follows the national format. The first prize starts at AUD2 million and it can go as high as AUD100 million with every single rollover. This lottery is played on Tuesday and its rivalry with the Australian Powerball keeps lottery fans entertained all week.

  • Saturday Lotto

The week may be about the Australia Powerball and the Oz Lotto, but the most popular lottery game for the weekend is Tatslotto’s Saturday Lotto. It follows the European lottery format and can be played in all Australian territories and states. Moreover, it is also the oldest lottery of the country and was launched back in 1972 for the purpose of raising funds for the Australian National Health System. Over the years, this lottery has gained a lot of fans. A number of Superdraws are also conducted by the Saturday Lotto every year and they come with an increased jackpot of AUD20 million.

There is a Megadraw at New Year’s Eve, which has a jackpot worth AUD30 million. In this way, this weekend lottery keeps fans excited throughout the year. It has also some low winning odds, which is another reason why it is so popular in the country.

  • Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto

The Tattslottocompany is responsible for many of the lottery games in Australia. After the popularity experienced by the Saturday Lotto, they decided to introduce similar games during the week as well. The same gameplay format is used by the Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto and this makes it easy for people to participate in all three games. In addition, you can play these games no matter where you are located in Australia.

However, the prize ranges are different. For the weekend lottery, the starting jackpot is set at AUD4 million whereas the fixed jackpot that people can access in Monday and Wednesday Lotto is AUD1 million. The Monday Lotto was first introduced in 1979 and it gained a lot of fans in a very short period of time and this prompted the introduction of the Wednesday Lotto in 1984. In some areas of Australia, they are recognized by different names such as X Lotto and Gold Lotto.

  • Set for Life

This is the newest lottery sensation in Australia that was introduced in August 2015. It abides by the Cash4Life format and has become popular rather rapidly due to the unique first prize it has to offer. Rather than providing them with regular jackpots, Set For Life provides winners of the first prize a monthly payment of AUD20, 000 for approximately 20 years. However, the policy dictates that the first prize should be won by 4 players. If more than 4 players win, then an amount of AUD19,200,000 will be split amongst them and paid out in monthly installments.

  • Lucky Lotteries

Lucky Lotteries is an Australian raffle game that is mostly played online. The number of tickets per draw are limited. It comprises of Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot and the former has only 200,000 tickets available whereas the latter has 270,000 tickets. The draw takes place as soon as the tickets are sold out. This means that a preset draw date for the Lucky Lotteries raffle cannot be found. The numbers for this game are chosen randomly in the form of 6 digits and unique winning codes are selected by officials for offering lottery prizes.

  • Cash 3

Lotterywesthas introduced Cash 3 and it is based on the format of the Pick 3 American lottery. You can only play this game in Western Australia and it conducts one draw a day every day. The country-wide games that can be found have large jackpots, but the top prize for this state lottery is about AUD500. However, this lottery is very popular because the odds of winning the prize are 1 in 1,000.

  • Lotto Strike

This is an add-on game that can be played with the Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto and Monday Lotto. The purpose of the game is to match the first four numbers that are drawn in the correspondent draw and in the same order. This can get you the first prize, which is known as the Strike 4. You can find four prize divisions in this particular game.

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