Tracking A Mobile Cell Phone by GPS Using Advanced Spy Phone Apps

A new trend has hit the market that has been taking the mobile cell phone market by storm. New spy phone applications have been causing a stir over the past year. Although controversial, the uses of these types of mobile phone tracking apps, have a wide range.

So how do these tracking applications work? Well, they often rely on the GPS system of the phone. All modern smartphones have GPS enabled these days. In addition modern phones have a range of other features too.


Cell phone tracking apps, often called ‘spy phone applications’ need to be planted on the target phone. This is apparently quite an easy and hassle free process, resulting in the target phone relaying location and other phone data to a computer or other phone via a login system.

Often used by parents, they can be the perfect tool to track and locate your kid, another use could be an employee tracking one of their workers. Although there are many practical uses, it doesn’t take long for these types of online services/apps to get in the wrong hands.

One of the most controversial uses, that has been met with a lot of criticism is the use of these types of phone apps to spy and track their partners. This is because their partner would not likely know their phone has been installed with this type of spy app.

As you can imagine, this can cause all kinds of problems, including domestic abuse. Another thing worth noting is that, although location can be traced, other things like messages and photos can also be accessed. Often without the phone user knowing anything!

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A clamp down on the way these types of mobile phone tracking apps are marketed, was put in place recently, not letting developers to market them as ‘partner tracking devices’, in addition they included disclaimers saying that it’s often not allowed to track anyone without their consent.

Although unlikely, it’s always worth being vigilant about your phone, and making sure your privacy is not breached without you knowing.

As technology progresses it’s likely that these sort of apps and services increase. Phones like Apple are probably not going to work as well with these kinds of mobile phone tracking systems, because of the natural nature of how the phone works, plus they tend to be more security conscious. On the whole there are many plus points to cell phone tracking, but as you can realise there are also some negatives.

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