Types of Loans you can get through RupeeCircle

RupeeCircle is a peer to peer lending platform which works by making a direct connection between investors and loan applicants. This process allows easier approval and quicker disbursal of loans. It is also an excellent method of investment with high returns for investors. Like other marketplace lending institutions, RupeeCircle offers a number of different types of loans, depending upon the needs of the applicant.

The major types of loans available at RupeeCircle have been listed below.

Auto loan:

Availing an auto loan has become a popular choice for anyone looking to buy a new car. Auto loans provide a quick and easy financing option for buying a new car which may be out of the affordability range of the customer. RupeeCircle provides an easy online based application process for automobile loans.

The application procedure can be completed on the RupeeCircle website and the necessary documents uploaded through the website. This prevents any hassle from paperwork. The applicant can return the loan through fixed EMI plan over a number of months, thereby reducing the financial burden of the applicant.

Business loan:

RupeeCircle provides an excellent financing option for small businesses and startups who are looking for the necessary capital to start their venture. The standout feature of RupeeCircle compared to other mainstream financial institutions such as banks is the faster approval process, which allows more businesses to get loans sanctioned.

The RupeeCircle business loans provide the necessary capitals to small businesses at low interest rates, which allow affordable financing to customers. The repayment is done through an easy timeline which can range from 3 to 24 months.

Credit card consolidation loan:

The credit card consolidation loan is an easy method for completing credit card bill payments. This allows the customers to avoid the high interests of delayed credit card bill payments. The credit card consolidation loan can then be paid off at a fixed and convenient schedule at lower rates of interest.

One of the attractive features of RupeeCircle credit card consolidation loans is the absence of any requirement for collaterals. This means easy and quicker approvals of credit card consolidation loans.

Medical loans

Medical bills are often unpredictable in nature and can often reach an amount which is difficult for the patient to pay off. In such cases, RupeeCircle offers an excellent alternative to paying off medical bills through its medical loans. These loans allow the applicants to complete the payment of the medical bills during emergencies.

The loan amount is repaid at a fixed schedule through low interest EMI payments. The long duration of repayment and low rate of interest ensures that the applicant doesn’t face any financial burden. Another advantage of obtaining a medical loan through RupeeCircle is the zero prepayment charges.

Education loan:

Modern day education often causes a large financial burden which can be difficult to pay off. The RupeeCircle education loan allows aspirants to pursue education and not worry about the fees. The application for an education loan is an easy process, which can be done completely online through the RupeeCircle website.

The disbursal of the loan is completed within 5-7 business days. The education loans from RupeeCircle come with low and fixed interest rates and a flexible repayment schedule. This allows the applicants clear their debt conveniently.

RupeeCircle provides affordable loans for various purposes to its customers. It is one of the leading online lending companies in the p2p market. The different kinds of loans come with various repayment schedules as well as interest rates. An applicant can select from any of the available loan options according to his or her needs.





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