Using the power of social networking

The internet has created a virtual community all over the world. This is a community which is connecting people through various social networking sites. These people may not be able to meet physically but they get in touch with each other for hours together. The technology to integrate millions of people together is known as Social Network Blockchain. This social network has created a very strong media platform which has more than 10 million viewers daily and has become a strong community integrated with the latest technology spread all over the world.

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What is ONZ coin?

ONZ is a crypto currency which originated by the group which runs the snapchat social media network which has very large viewers of more than 10 million people daily. This ONZ Coin is meant to be used and exchanged in this large group which is bound by the common social media network. The value and the recognition of this currency depend on how the public takes it as the token money to be exchanged among them. Although, it has got no physical form but it can be used as physical currency and could be transferred without being restricted with physical boundaries.

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What is DPOS coin?

Delegated proof of stake is the advanced version of the crypto currency which tries to solve the problem and the bottlenecks faced by the bitcoin currency. It was found that the system used by the bitcoin or other currency is quite centralized and there was fear that in due course of time, the system will be taken over by few of the giant players. The DPOS coin system tries to answer the questions raised by the existing crypto currency. It tries to implement a system where you can change your incompetent senior with the new one. This system tries to bring technological democracy in the system.  

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