What are the best free load boards?

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Load boards also called freight boards are an online marketplace where truckers, freight brokers and shippers interact. It is a platform where shippers can post their load transportation requirements. The system permits the shippers and truckers to find one another and reach at an agreement to move freight. New trucking companies depend a lot on load boards to give their business the perfect start. Load boards offer numerous benefits because it makes it simpler for the trucking companies to find loads faster and more efficiently. Continue reading to find out how to truckload loads help in the growth of your trucking business and which are the best free load boards to sign up.

The advantages of using free load boards

With the growth in technology, the procedure of matching truckers and freight has become quite easy. It commenced with the evolution of load boards to online load matching services. This has opened so many opportunities for trucking companies, shippers, brokers to get more opportunities to find loads or trucks.

  • Load boards are free to sign up and you don’t need any initial investment for it.
  • They are simple to use and then information mentioned on it is live and up to date.
  • There are a number of load boards available, so you don’t have to restrict yourself to one.
  • A lot of load boards can be assessed online from anywhere via any mobile device. So, truckers can easily bid on their next load while they are delivering the first one.
  • Load boards prove to be a great option for shippers who have a lot of freight to be moved quickly.

Free load boards for truckers

Well, if you are a new trucker who wants to start off their business without any initial investment, then you can surely apply to some free load boards. There are some websites which don’t charge you any money to find hauls. Free load board will give you a test of how it feels like with the paid ones. Some of the free load boards are given below for you:

  • Load Up: All you need to do is sign up and there isn’t any fee involved. Truckers can easily search the board to find load, check out postings, and set email alerts.
  • Freight Finder: It is a simple and free load board which has abundant number of loads from US and Canadian regions
  • DSSLN: It is a load board with troubleshooting service and a new website revamp.
  • Refer a Truck: It offers freight matching facility for shippers, truckers and freight brokers. It is easily accessible on any device and gadget.
  • TRULOS transportation: It is a free load board which offers video tutorials to help truckers who are just starting in this sector. If you are in search of FEMA loads, they have it.
  • Free Freight Search: It is one of the biggest free load board with a support hotline and several other services which paid load boars offer
  • Shiply: It is one of the best free load boards available online without charging any fee. It gives you the leisure to search the board and find loads easily as per your preferred route or location.
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