What Is the Importance of Clean room Procedures?

Clean rooms are used in the industry to make product parts or equipment that has to be free from any kind of external dust particulates in them. The products are very specific and generally used in manufacturing, electronics, bio pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry. The clean room procedures are vital for each and every industry and can cause catastrophic repercussions if not accurately followed.

A normal office room can have 1,000,000 particles of 0.5 microns or larger, but a clean room should not have more than 100 particles of size 0.5 microns or larger. Therefore, even the clean room wipes suppliers keep their manufacturing neat and free from any contamination. A lot of procedures and protocols are needed to be followed when you clean a clean room. Here is why clean room procedures are important:

  • Products Developed in the Clean room Need to Be Free from Any Kind of Contamination:

Some examples of products that require a clean room are PCB of mobile phones, medicine capsules, injections etc. If these delicate parts get contaminated, a lot of problems could arise. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, if proper clean room cleaning procedures aren’t taken up, the capsules could get contaminated by disease-causing pathogens and instead of curing a disease they might end up causing something else! This is very risky for the consumer as well as the manufacturer as it could follow suit. Therefore, because the products need to be free of any contamination, the clean room procedures are important.

  • Without Proper Clean room Wipes, Contaminants Could Enter Instead of Getting Removed:

Having proper clean room wipes is an important part of clean room procedures. If the clean room wipes manufacturers don’t pay full attention to the manufacturing of these wipes, it is possible that they contaminate the clean room even more than earlier. The wipes need to be ISO standard clean and their usage should be done as instructed or else the clean room would get much dirtier than it originally was, thus negating the concept of a clean room.

  • Employees Could Carry in Contamination with Them:

One of the clean room cleaning procedures is to check each and every employee for contamination and they need to wear proper contamination-free suits. If the procedures aren’t followed properly, these employees could carry contamination into the clean room with them. Therefore, it is important to keep a proper check on employees and everyone should follow the procedures of the clean room.

  • Improper Way of Clean room Wiping Could Take Place:

Clean room wiping is one of the most vital clean room procedures. If proper wiping isn’t done, the room won’t be ISO standard clean and contaminants would ruin the product that the manufacturer is trying to build. Therefore, you should ensure that the right procedures for clean room wiping are done so that you don’t have to redo what you have already done.

As you can see, clean room procedures are really important when it comes to keeping this space clean and free from contaminants.

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