What’s It Like Retiring in Vancouver?

Vancouver is one of the most incredible cities on Earth, offering the chance to get to know various cultures and experience things you can’t find anywhere else. Surrounded by the open water and a gorgeous mountainscape, retiring here can feel like settling into paradise.

Whether you’re planning for the distant future or ready to retire and want to move now, these are the top things to consider for retiring in Vancouver.

Most Expensive City in Canada

Unfortunately, there has to be a ‘most expensive’ city, and Vancouver takes the cake for Canada. Homes for sale in Vancouver aren’t the only pricey thing here; it’s also known for costly goods and services and high taxes. Fortunately, the average pay here is higher than the national average, but when you’re moving here as a retiree, it won’t affect you as much.

If you’re planning on retiring in Vancouver, it’s a good idea to save up as much money as possible before you do so. This can cost almost twice as much as living almost anywhere else in Canada, which can be a good reference point.

The Best Views in the World

If you want to live nestled in the most beautiful city in the world, you’ll be happy in Vancouver. With gorgeous open waters on one side, and mountains on the other side, some may think that natural beauty is the only allure, but the city itself is beautiful. 

Incredible city planning, with gorgeous buildings, amazing parks, and wonderful streets make Vancouver into a stunning area to take in regardless of what direction you’re looking in.

Incredible Entertainment Industry

A nickname Vancouver is often given is ‘Hollywood North‘ because of the booming entertainment industry here. Countless movies are films, along with the city hosting many film festivals and a couple of film and animation schools that have set the national standard.

As a retiree, you can benefit from getting to enjoy the endless new and fresh entertainment that comes out before it hits the world stage!

Cutting Edge of Tech

Technology is another industry that Vancouver is famous for. As the tech hub of Canada, this city offers those who live here the chance to try new tech and healthcare perks far before anyone else gets a chance.

Benefiting in this way is important for retirees because it can improve your quality of life and possibly even help you live longer. Those who interact with new technology and stay updated with the culturally important parts of life are often healthier and live longer than the national average.

Every Inch of the City Feels Unique

You may want to travel when you retire, but that can be hard on your body as you age. However, there’s enough in Vancouver and the surrounding areas that it can feed any travel dreams you have.

From the gorgeous shorelines to the snowy peaks of Whistler, you won’t want any other location.

Vancouver is the Best Retirement Destination

Although this city is expensive, loud, and always moving, it’s one of the best places on Earth to live. From the amazing industries to the beautiful views, you’ll fall in love when you arrive, and retirement here will seem like a dream.

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