Why Flying is Costly as Explained by Scott Beale Aviation?

“Aviation industry is perhaps the most glamour filled industries, which is mostly taken by the people who can afford to spend over a fortune fly across cities, countries, and continents.” This is a phrase, which is partially correct, and has a wrong notation lurking somewhere deep into economics, which explains why flying is costly as explained by Scott Beale Aviation expert.

Factors explained by Scott Beale Aviation

Flying these days has turned out to be more of an affordable yet time saving modes of transportation of the generation. There was a time where it would have taken a person, to shell out a fortune while flying from a certain popular destination, say from London to New York. In this day of age, the costs have come down dramatically. Yet, it is costly and because,

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  • Cost of Aircraft and Fuel Charge: Airplanes are costly. For an instance, a smaller plane from Boeing, 737 costs well over 100 million. This is the initial purchase price and it depends on other gritty facts, which assumes the main calculations, why the ticket price is sky high. Plus, aircraft fuel costs excessively much, which although has some subsidized rates in some countries.
  • Flight Cycle: This is the factor, which allows the flight prices and the initial ticketing price to shoot up. A flight cycle in simple words is the number of overhauls an aircraft goes through for every journey with the number of inspections per journey. This is more in case of smaller aircraft, which usually sees over 4-5 journeys a day and 4-5 times the inspection process takes place.
  • Airport Fees and Taxes: Large airports in a country, usually chargesexorbitant airport fees with certain factors. Assuming the airport to be London Heathrow or JFK in New York, the airport fees, which covers the takeoff and landing fees, which is further divided by factors like the aircraft size and crew charges and timing of departure.
  • Flying Crew Costing: Airplanes are advanced jets, with some of the most advanced yet a complicated layout for a commoner to understand all the points.This requires a well-trained and licensed air pilots and supporting him/ her will be the first officer and 2nd officer as a backup. All these flying crew members remain vigilant throughout all the times and ensure a safe landing. Thus, their high paying salaries are taken into consideration.
  • Cabin Crew: Cabin crew includes air-hostess and stewards, who are trained to serve the passengers all-round the time alongside receiving important safety training.
  • Non Flying Departments: These include the airline company employees, right from the customer care agents, marketing persons, engineers and other employees with fixed salary negotiations. Thus, non-flying part of flying is a major expense.

Conclusively, Scott Beale aviation experts sums up the price of an air ticket is bound to be expensive, considering all these points come to play. There are other points worth mentioning like the taxes and insurance, but those vary from place to place and it is tough to put up them on the costing list.

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