Today, there is an increasing number of company registration as many aspire to become business entrepreneurs in Singapore. The company incorporation process can do-it-yourself, or done through a registered corporate service provider like AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong. However, besides incorporating a new company, one can consider to invest in Shell company for sale in Singapore if they need a company instantly and to avoid the hassle of registering a business from scratch.

A shell company is a readymade business entity and registered in advance according to the Companies Act, without any business activities. A shell company in Singapore is usually one that is incorporated as a Singapore private limited company with a registered local address. For foreigners, it is best recommended to engage Nominee Director service for due diligence in your shell company in Singapore. If you need professional advice and assistance regarding Shell company for sale in Singapore, AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong is the right person for you!

The Reason Behind The Use Of Shell Company

You might be wondering why some businesses use shell company. This is because there are advantages of using Singapore shell company for your business. For example, some business partners prefer to deal with businesses that are long established. Banks are also more likely to provide financial assistance or business loans to companies with longer years of incorporation.

Purchase A Shelf Company Now

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