Why should you get an International Student Health Insurance Plan?

Studying abroad in your favorite subject and exploring new cultures is one of the most common talked about dreams in students’ lives. When you study abroad, you get a broad spectrum of options to explore in terms of job opportunities, lifestyle, and more. However, there is always a chance of something wrong going on in life irrespective of the location. Students who are studying in any country other than their homeland may require health insurance cover.

In some countries, it is a requirement under visa regulations that you have to get a health insurance cover while you are staying in that country. However, even if the visa terms do not make it compulsory, you should opt for it. There are chances that your university will offer your health cover as a part of the fee. Many universities signup the students for health cover at the time of admissions. In case you have a pre-existing ailment, you can opt for an additional cover as well.

The million-dollar question is, why is it so crucial for the students studying abroad to get a health insurance plan? There are several reasons which are more than enough to convince you that the health insurance plan for students is necessary, such as:

International students are not covered under national healthcare: In many countries, you do not get access to government-funded healthcare. The cost of healthcare around the world is on the rise, and it is costly for those who do not have a cover. In case you fall ill, meet with an accident, or even need a scan, the medical bill will skyrocket in a matter of seconds. With a health insurance cover, the insurance company will cover the cost of the medical bills, and you only have to pay a small premium.

Less burden on your pocket: In case you have a pre-existing ailment, chances are you may have to sign the co-pay agreement while getting the health insurance cover. Even then, you will only end up paying a fraction of the cost of healthcare in most of the countries that are popular destinations for international students.

Visa or university regulations: In many countries, international students must get their health cover plan. In some cases, visa regulations make it compulsory, and in some cases, it is the university that asks for proof of health cover as a part of the admissions process. In any of the cases, you have to get the health insurance cover.

Tax benefits: When you get the international health insurance cover, the person who is paying for the insurance cover will get tax benefits. It is one of the additional perks of getting health insurance.

No matter how young and healthy you are, there is no way you can predict what is going to happen to you in terms of health. It will become even more difficult if you are on foreign land. Thus, to lower down the financial burden on you, it is better to get a student health insurance plan while you are studying in another country.

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