Hit & Runs: How to Get Compensation for Property Damage & Bodily Injury

For so many of you, you paid off your car or have a used one, so to save on costs, you purchase the minimum liability insurance. You never think disaster will strike. But then it does. Someone hits you, causes property and bodily damage. But this person fails to stop and render aid or give information. Instead, this person flees the scene in his or her car, leaving you there to fend for yourself. As you know, if you can, call 911 immediately and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. But of course, when you start to feel better, the worry sets in. Who’s going to pay for this? A hit and run attorney in Houston, TX may be able to help you get fair and just compensation for your property damage and/or bodily injuries.

Failing to Render Aid

In the State of Texas, all drivers have a duties to other drivers on the road. Two of those duties include rendering aid and providing information after a car accident. When someone hits your car, parties to the accident should first make sure everyone in their respective vehicles are safe and then make sure all other parties to the collision are safe. If someone is injured, then emergency personnel must be alerted. Afterwards, the parties must exchange information, like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Insurance company information
  • Car’s registered number, and
  • Driver’s license number.

In cases of hit and run accidents, the driver — who is most usually the at-fault driver — flees the scene without rendering aid or giving information. If you’ve been injured, then the other driver can expect at least a third degree felony to be charged against him or her. The problem with hit and runs, of course, is locating the perpetrator. Fortunately, in Texas, law enforcement takes these kinds of accidents seriously and pursue any leads. What’s more, retaining an experienced hit and run attorney in Houston, TX can also help with the investigative work.

Finding the Perpetrator

There are ways for law enforcement or even your own hit and run attorney in Houston, TX to locate the perpetrator of the hit and run accident. If you were able at the time of the accident, you may have written the license plate number down or else at least remembered the make and color of the vehicle. Those details can help the police locate the person.

But also, the police or your attorney will look for video surveillance or witnesses to the scene for more information on the driver who fled the accident. Through thorough, comprehensive efforts, in many cases there can be success.

Getting Compensation

Of course, finding the person who caused the accident is the best solution, but only if he or she has auto insurance. Many times people flee the scene of an accident they caused because they don’t carry insurance. You may have to file a claim with your own insurance company. But remember: auto insurance carriers, even if it’s your own, are not out to protect you — they are out to protect their profits, and your claim works against that intention.

hit and run attorney in Houston, TX can help draft a solid, comprehensive, legally sound claim to file with your insurance company. The attorney can guide you through the whole process so you don’t feel alone or overwhelmed. Indeed, it is a scary time, so hiring a an experienced hit and run accident lawyer is to your benefit, both financially and emotionally.

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