Reasons for Rescheduling Divorce Hearing Dates

Because marriage is a legally binding contract, you must go through legal channels to break the contract. Unfortunately for both parties, marriage is much more than a legal contract. It’s an emotional bond that often includes shared property, children together, and intertwined finances that aren’t easy to negotiate after a divorce. How do you negotiate human lives like those of children that are the product of a marriage? That’s what CoilLaw lawyers must contend with on a daily basis. One of the most common things a LLC Salt Lake City divorce attorney has to do is to sometimes postpone hearings for their clients.

When a divorce is filed, there will be a first hearing that both parties must attend. Sometimes life gets in the way of this hearing and so one or both parties might have to reschedule. A lawyer will follow a legal procedure for postponing the hearing. Remember, there are only certain reasons that a hearing can be postponed.

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In order for the motion to be granted by a judge who listens to it, the reason for postponing the hearing must be a valid one that is accepted by the court. There are some things that you can use as a good reason for postponing the hearing and for these reasons a judge will likely postpone the hearing. If you try to postpone the hearing for any other reason, the judge may not grant your motion.

When the hearing IS rescheduled, you’ll have a new date set for a new hearing. It’s important to keep this hearing. Few courts appreciate having to continuously listen to motions to reschedule (also called a motion for continuance). Once your new date is set, you’ll get a confirmation in writing that will tell you the new date for the hearing. This is a date you need to make a rock-solid commitment to keep. While no one enjoys going to hearings that are about the end of their marriage, it’s a necessary part of the process. And you should never, under any circumstances, just skip a hearing without letting the court know that you won’t be there. A good divorce lawyer will help you keep track of your hearings and let you know when to be there.

Once you’ve got your confirmation, make the necessary arrangements to attend the hearing on the new date set by the court. The court showed you respect by granting your motion for continuance. Now show them respect by attending the new date set so that you could attend. In most cases, continuances are no problem for either party, although it’s possible that the other side might want things to speed up a little bit more. Communicate as much as you can with your spouse so that everything is set up the way that you both are comfortable with.

Everyone has a busy schedule. While there might be a time or two when you need to reschedule hearings in your divorce, do everything possible to make sure you make it to your court dates.

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