The Proper Steps With the Essential Singapore PR Options

Citizens of the Singapore who have arrived from outside the country for permanent residence in the Singapore are registered on the basis of a passport in which there is a note on removal from consular registration. If a citizen of the Singapore arrives for permanent residence in the Singapore without withdrawal from the consular account from the country of his previous residence, he must provide:

a certificate of exclusion from the country of former residence with a mandatory indication of belonging to citizenship, issued by the foreign office of the Singapore (or the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Singapore)or a document on the removal from the registry of the former residence, issued and duly certified by the competent authorities of the foreign state. For applying for Singapore PR this happens to be a very important step now.

If the original leave sheet with a stamp on removal from the registration record is submitted, in connection with the departure to a permanent place of residence outside the Singapore for a period longer than three months from the date of issue, the internal affairs body shall check for the presence of registration and citizenship of the country of former residence.

  • Registration of citizens who entered the Singapore on the basis of certificates for the return of the AB series is made on a temporary identity card with the subsequent restoration of lost documents; the issuance of a departure sheet is not required.
  • (Paragraph 9 of the Rules of registration of citizens registered and withdrawn from registration of the Singapore).

Child registration

Point 10 of the Rules for the registration of citizens registered and withdrawn from registration of the Singapore established that registration of children under the age of majority is carried out on the basis of birth certificates or passports of a citizen of the Singapore (in the presence of the latter). Documents for the registration of children are filed by their parents or legal representatives.

Registration in dormitories, hotels, office buildings

In accordance with paragraph 11 of the Rules of registration of citizens registered and withdrawn from registration of citizens of the Singapore, citizens residing in dormitories, hotels, rest homes, sanatoriums, dispensaries, medical institutions, boarding houses, other office buildings and premises are registered at the request of the administration of these institutions university administration, hotel administration, etc.) in the territorial bodies of internal affairs at the address of the indicated institutions.

Persons held in centers of social adaptation for persons who do not have a specific place of residence, in special medical institutions for chronic patients, and who do not have identity documents are registered at the address of these institutions.

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