Rick Fleshman provides tips on how to improve sales with a marketing plan in business

There is a common misconception among people that both sales and marketing are the same and any one should be practiced within the company to make the business successful. However, in reality both sales and marketing are different components and a business cannot reach its goal and target without any of these.

Rick Fleshman explains how sales and marketing helps business

There is no dispute that the sales and marketing functions of the company are joined at some point. One can simply tell that whatever marketing does is for the purpose of facilitating sales, finding and identifying potential customers, interacting with them, and persuading them to purchase the products and services. Rick Fleshman says that in most scenarios, the marketing procedure go before the sales procedure as market study can make out and find the target customers. In addition marketing connections can set up a conversation with them via a range of strategies such as public relations, advertising, digital and social media etc.

When marketing and sales team up, costs reduce, and more customers come up. In fact, firms with directly aligned marketing and sales can see a better client retention charges. Rick Fleshman is the CEO of iAM Marketing and Ormeus Global and is a knowledgeable leader and a U.S. Army professional with numerous years of international experience. As the head of an extraordinary skilled team, Rick makes it a point to include complete management practices. To keep with the demands in the marketing industry, he uses social media to link with others and to discover the present trends.

A company’s marketing plan should be easy to create and simple to follow and should include five major parts:

  • Target customers: When marketing to consumers, write a target customers profile based on demographics, such as gender, age, and household income. This target customer’s description is absolutely priceless when evaluating whether a specific publication or media opportunity will help them get to the best prospects.
  • Situation Analysis: This section offers a brief overview of the company’s weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities. This is a useful standardizing tool because when the plan is reviewed a few months from now, one will be able to see how the situation has changed.
  • Tactics and Strategies: Sketch out the company’s overall sales marketing strategy and the register of strategies that one will utilize to attain predictions as they move throughout the sales cycle.
  • Goals: Write a brief, bulleted list of the company’s marketing goals. Ensure to make them computable as it can help to evaluate the performance of the campaign.
  • Budget: Prepare the sales and marketing plan beforehand so that it does not become over budgeted. Make plans until one has a mix of strategies which they can afford.

These are some of the tips by which sales can be improved with a marketing plan.

Apart from being a busy businessman and a CEO, Rick Fleshman in his spare times loves to watch baseball, spend time with near and dear ones, and loves taking delicious food.

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