Work with Us to be Your Event Planning Company Dover DE

We work with you to create the best event planning experience you’ve ever had. Our concert production and event planning team are just the start of a professionally-handled event that will make your event the success you’ve been hoping it would be. We are an experienced, connected, and professional event planning company Dover DE, and we are excited to possibly work with you on your next big event.

When you meet with us, you’ll work out the Artist Technical Rider. This is the billing of the artist, the length of the performance or presentation, security, load in and load out, free tickets, merchandising, and transportation. It includes the dressing room set up, catering, back line, sound and light requirements. We also discuss with the production person and production manager aspects of the event before the show. We handle all details including departure and arrivals, pick-ups, press interviews, etc.

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We also put together documents that help you know in advance what is included in your work with us. We help you choose a venue and use our contacts to give you the best choices. Then we move to decorations, food, logistics, hosts, and theme. We create a critical path document that moves us precisely and smoothly through the entire creative process.

Marketing is another important aspect of event planning. We make announcements through radio, television, newspaper, e-marketing, and grass roots marketing. We also work to get sponsors for the event to make it so much more successful than it could have been on a more limited budget. We can also help secure celebrity acquisition to make your event more spectacular and appealing.

From start to finish, we work with you to create a memorable event. With our attention to detail, we are known to be an event planning company Dover DE that can help your event come to life. We know the business inside and out, and we have contacts who can help you get the best venue, good prices, sponsorships, and more to create a fabulous experience for everyone involved.

Our staff is professional, well-trained, experienced, and very knowledgeable about the particular aspect of event planning they handle. If you ever have any questions or concerns, reach out. We are ready to listen, explain, and change things to suit your needs. We are client-focused and concentrate on creating a pleasant business experience in our event planning company Dover DE.

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