Things You Must Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

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A slip, trip, and fall accident is something that all of us encounter at least once in our life. The sad thing is that it always happens unexpectedly and often not because we were careless or at fault. This is especially true if you fall in a restaurant, parking lot, grocery store any other such someone else’s property.  

Many do not know but in case, you get seriously injured, you are eligible to get compensation from the property’s owner for your medical bills, pain, and suffering and even the time you are off work. Thus, you must have the knowledge of the things that you must do immediately after you encounter such a slip and fall accident to build a strong legal case and get your rightful compensation.  Read on: 

  • Get medical treatment immediately

It is critical both for your health and possible legal case that you get medical attention immediately. You can or ask someone else to call your personal doctor, any available doctor or even call 911 and seek emergency help. This must be done even if the injury is not serious. Remember to keep all records and slips with you. This includes documentation of all your symptoms and sufferings, no matter how small and the entire medical treatment followed. Simultaneously, you must follow all medical advice to the tee.  

  1. Gather all the evidence and document everything

A very important step that you or anybody present with you must take is to gather all information, evidence, etc. about the accident and document everything. This includes: 

  • The place and time of the accident 
  • Date of the accident 
  • Cause of the accident 
  • Signs of negligence 
  • Sustained injuries 
  • Names and testimony of witnesses present at the scene of the accident 

Sometimes, you might be seriously injured to do these yourself. In that scenario; let your friend or whoever is with you do the needful. It is always advantageous if you can take and save some pictures and videos of the accident site and especially its causes like icy patches, wet stairs, etc. They go a long way in strengthening your case. You must also preserve your clothes and shoes that you were wearing in a storage bag later. They can serve as vital evidence.  

  1. Report the incident

Regardless of the place where the accident happened; it is critical that the property owner, manager or landlord must be informed immediately about it. If possible, get the report of the accident in writing from the concerned authority. Request a copy of it and keep it with you for records. In case the accident has been severe and due to gross negligence; you might even inform the local authorities like the police about it. 

  1. Refrain from making any statements

It is extremely important that you must remain calm and keep communication as minimal as possible. You must never speak or blame the property owner, post anything on social media or even speak to your insurance agent. Any statement you make might easily be used against you by anybody. Even if you need to make a statement; it must always be made after you have consulted and sought his approval. Any careless unknowing statement might cause severe damage to your side. 

  1. Contact a specialist slip and fall lawyer

In case, you need to take legal action; your best bet is a slip and fall lawyer Miami. They are not only updated about all legal aspects but their experience is something that you can benefit from. Slip and fall cases are often complex and difficult to prove. It only a reputable and credible slip and fall lawyer that can ensure that you get your rightful compensation.  

To know more and be prepared for anything in advance, get in touch with us today. We are always eager to help you. 

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