What Do Labour Law Consultants Do?

The complexity of labour legislation in South Africa requires expert advice in order to ensure business legislation compliance. But what exactly do labour law consultants do to achieve this? Keep reading to find out how they assist businesses to comply with Acts and legislations like:

  • Basic Conditions Of Employment Act (BCEA)
  • Labour Relations Act (LRA)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and Workmen’s Compensation legislation

How Labour Law Consultants Ensure Business Legislation Compliance

Labour law and labour relations consultants help companies ensure their business is compliant with all legislations and acts. It may seem like this should be simple, but with the complexities of the system and people becoming emotionally and professionally involved you require a magic touch to resolve any discrepancies and be compliant. This is where the expertise of labour relations consultants and labour law consultants comes in.

Assisting and Improving Labour Communications Issues

The most important aspect that labour law consultants bring to companies is a heightened support for effectivecommunication within the range of labour matters. Miscommunications are the root of most disputes and can be avoided thanks to intervention by professionals.

Labour relations consultants also handle communications with external bodies like legislative bodies who approve and review the conditions of compliance of your company.

Assistance with Required Processes and Procedures

Labour law consultants handle the drafting of any documentation that is required for compliance. This includes Labour Legislation Compliance and Induction files and Letters of good standing from the Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner. The reviewing of your existing policies and procedures like the Disciplinary Codes and Codes of Conduct as well as whether they are upheld to the correct standards is also done by labour law consultants.

Not only this, they handle all external and internal negotiations from the annual inspection and issuing of compliance certificate to settling disputes with the Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner.

As mentioned, emotions can run high in heated business situations. Labour law consultants are trained to deal with any potentially uncomfortable situations, including:

  • Retrenchment, lay-offs and short time
  • Eviction of employees from the premises on termination of service with employer
  • Dispute resolution
  • Conducting disciplinary and poor work performance inquiries on-site
  • Wage and union negotiations

Legal Expertise and Human Relations Guidance to Protect Employers and Employees

All legal advice provided is to come to the best solution for all parties with the least amount of heartache. Labour law consultants are emotionally intelligent individuals who can handle situations with care in order to satisfy all parties. This being said, the end goal of all labour consultants is to ensure business legislation compliance from employers and employees.

You cannot cheat the system thanks to the help of these highly qualified professionals. Make sure to have SERR Synergy on your side long before you need them. Things can change very quickly, so if you are not yet compliant become compliant today with the help of our professional team. Contact us and we will take you through the compliance necessary compliance checklists until all the edges are sealed and watertight.

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